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Where are You? participated the exhibition “Taiwan Digital Art Pulse Stream Plan- The First Phase: Body, Gender, Technology” Digital Art Exhibition. The exhibition was curated by six curators: Pey Chwen Lin,  Hsin-Tien Liao,  Chih-Yung Chiu, Li-Chen Loh, Yu-Chuan Tseng.

Where are You? in Digital Art Center, Taipei

Where are You? in Digital Art Center, Taipei

Through compilation of historical data and literature research, the goal of the “Taiwan Digital Art Pulse Stream Plan” is to establish a formal history of Taiwanese digital art’s development. The first phase of the plan is an exhibition named and themed, “Body, Gender, Technology.” Amongst the vast amount of research conducted, this is the first of many themes selected, forming the exhibition’s framework, while based on historical perspectives and lineage. This exhibition uses Loh Li-Chen’s compilation of the history of new media art as its foundation to reveal a timeline of the “Taiwan’s digital art history.” Viewers are invited to experience the development of Taiwan’s digital art scene throughout its history via a timeline in the form of a digitally interactive installation, “Pulse-Taiwan’s Digital Art River.”  Spanning two generations of creative works, eleven artworks based on the theme, “Body, Gender, Technology,” by fourteen artists are the centerpieces of this exhibition.  The artists express their state of mind and body within a digital realm, as well as examine their awareness about the concept of personal existence.

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